Advertising and public relations agency “Reladus“ has more than 19 years of prosperous and successful exprerience in creative , efficient and forceful advertising solutions, public relations management for your buisness and entrepreneurial ideas.

Our agency team consists of high-class creative professionals – project, marketing and Business processes managers, graphic, product and visual designers. Our team is ready to fulfill all your most sophisticated expectations and needs as well as offer most effective solutions for your   advertising campaign to achieve all your goals. We are also ready to share our experience and ideas to create a perfect marketing campaign for establishing your brand, improving public opinion of it, raising brand awareness or increasing the rate of conversions/sales.

We are oriented on impeccable results and wellrun Business and marketing solutions for our clients. Our company demand highest standards from our contractors and ourselves. We don’t accept any compromise in a matter of quality. Our performance for your result should be flawless. We transform ideas into result. Dont’t know how to introduce or promote your new brand or product? Increase your e-trade sales or give a push to your enterprise? Or maybe you need to reanimate your buissnes, find new customer, increase your turnover or increase rate of sales ? Don’t know how to receive financing on or how to take a part in EU-funded projects or need an assistance with other EU programs? Have new and original ideas, but don’t know how to represent or embody them, or just bring them out or inform wide audience about your concepts, intentions or ideas? Please do not hesitate to contact, phone or mail us. We will answer to all your questions and help to compose a picture of the perfect advertising campaign as well as organise, fulfill, plan, create, manage and actualize all your ideas, expectations and concepts about the advertising – from the brand image, public relations, Business cards, advertising companies, outdoor advertising, TV commercials to advertising law. Pass all matters regarding advertising to us and only thing you need will be just harvesting a perfect results of your buisness from our performance.

Our services:

  • Layout, design
  • Market analysis
  • Media planning
  • Media advertising
  • Audio, video production
  • Promotional printing
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Websites
  • Events managment
  • Photoshoots
  • Promotional merchandise

Laisvės ave. 60, 705-708
LT -01520, Vilnius
Tel.: (8-5) 270 56 70
Tel./Fax: (8-5) 270 5671
E-mail: reladus@zebra.lt

Working hours:
Monday – Thursday 8.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m.
Friday 8.00 a.m. – 16.00 p.m.

Svetlana Molokovic
Tel.: 8 687 37 799
E-mail: reladus@takas.lt, svetlana.molokovic@reladus.lt

Head of finance
E-mail: finansai@reladus.lt

Project manager
Ramunė Kilaitė
Tel.: 8 612 89 031
E-mail: ramune@reladus.lt

Project manager
Laima Gudelienė
Tel.: 8 698 12 685
E-mail: laima@reladus.lt

Project manager
Inga Beinaravičiūtė
Tel.: 8 683 23 414
E-mail: inga@reladus.lt

Assistant project manager
Sandra Ščerbo
Tel.: 8 657 69 932
E-mail: sandra@reladus.lt

Assistant project manager
Indrė Kontrimaitė
E-mail: indre@reladus.lt



Laisvės pr. 60, 705-708 kab.

LT-01520 Vilnius. Tel. (8-5) 270 56 70, tel./faks. (8-5) 270 5671, el. paštas info@reladus.lt
Darbo laikas: I–IV 8–17 val.,  V 8–16 val., VI ir VII nedirbame, pietų pertrauka 12–13 val.


Svetlana Molokovič
Mob. tel. 8 687 37 799
El. p.: svetlana@reladus.lt


El. p. finansai@reladus.lt

Projektų vadovė

Ramunė Kilaitė
Mob. tel. 8 612 89031
El. p. ramune@reladus.lt

Projektų vadovė

Laima Gudelienė
Mob. tel. 8 698 12 685
El. p. laima@reladus.lt

Projektų vad. asistentė

Ieva Arleckaitė
Mob. tel. 8 657 69 932
El. p. ieva@reladus.lt

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